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At the moment, there are nine ranks. These ranks consist of Hobo, Citizen, Worker, Manager, CEO, Mayor, Senator, President, and Deity!

With the rank [ Hobo ] you are able to access the Stone Mine, Wood Mill, and the Dirt Pit!

With [ Citizen ] you can work at the Carrot Farm or Fishing Port!

[ Worker ] gives you permission to use the SugarCane Farm, and the Rabbit Pen! You are also able to do /warp Enchant to Enchant all your items!

The rank [ Manager ] allows you to create Chest-Shops, and work at Mob Arena 1, Sheep Farm, and the Melon Farm! Manager costs $20,000 after being Worker.

[ CEO ] lets you work at Mob Arena 2, Cow Farm, and the Potato Farm!

[ Mayor ] is the next rank after CEO. This rank allows you to create Rent/Agent signs, and to work at the Forward Mill, Ore Mine, Flower Garden, and the Guardian Cave!

After Mayor is [ Senator ]. This rank gives you jobs at the Squid Farm, SugarCane+, and the Nether Wart Temple!

The second last rank is [ President ]. This rank allows you to acess the Sand Pit, Birch Logging Camp, and the Obsidian Mine!

This is the last rank. Deity allows you to access the Mob Arena 3, and the Witch Hut. It also allows you to do /Pet Giant!

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