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PvP only wands that allow you to cast certain spells with the proper knowledge / rank !

Can only be found in dungeons from Bosses past the /warp destiny portals!

Each boss has a small chance to drop a random artifact.

Each boss has a small chance to drop a random armor/weapon piece. (5-10%)

Each boss has a chance to drop a wand for casting spells in the non-pvp worlds (Druidic Healing Branch, Merlin’s Wizard Scepter, Necro’s Funeral Pyre)

Bosses have special abilites and are immune to ALL fire spells

Bosses drop random books, items, artifacts and dragon eggs past /warp destiny.

Most bosses spawn every 20-40 minutes. The final boss of some dungeons can only spawn every 2-3 hours.

Currently, there are 4 sets dropped from bosses past /warp destiny : Divine, Chaos, Crusaders, Kings. (all are extremely rare!)

Crusader set drops from Skeleton King and Queen.

Kings set drops from Justicar and Knight Gannicus.

God Axes,swords and bows drop from Justicar,Skeleton King and BrewMaster. (extremely rare bosses and tough! 10% chance)

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